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Supporting artistic collaboration in the Houston photo community


Houston Artists. Houston Homes.

FLATS is a nomadic photography exhibition series held in homes around the Houston area. We aim to create a platform for Houston-based photographers to connect and show their work in intimate, non-traditional settings.

FLATS provides a more intimate perspective on our city’s fine art photography community. Rather than hosting exhibitions in traditional white-walled galleries, our patrons enter spaces that are currently lived in to view works as they might exist in their own home. Through this exhibition philosophy, our shows break down the artificial barrier between art and patron, making the act of appreciating and collecting fine art accessible to a new generation of art patrons from all ages and backgrounds.

No previous experience is needed— just come as you are and explore what Houston photography has to offer.



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Our Mission

FLATS seeks to shine a light on Houston’s vibrant and diverse photography community and inspire a new generation of patrons to collect and appreciate photographic art.

The FLATS community comprises any Houston-based artist who uses photography in their work. Our patronage has no borders, no educational limits, and no economic requirements. We believe that no one should be excluded from the joy of connecting with photography that moves them, and that great art comes from a distinct point of view. Our mission is to uncover and amplify these points of view so that the patron can be moved, and we achieve this mission through intimate exhibitions that are designed to create immediate connections.

Each FLATS exhibition features at least two artists who have not previously worked together in an effort to foster closer relationships between photographers working within the community and to provide a platform to amplify local voices. Houston artists bring diverse perspectives to American photography, a result of their origins from all corners of the globe and all spectrums of creed, gender, sexuality, and lifestyle. FLATS exists at the intersection of their unique journeys, providing a space to explore their similarities and celebrate their differences in dynamic settings that are outside of the traditional ways to experience art.

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