Saturday, January 26, 2019 / 6pm-10pm / 1508 Ridgewood, Houston, TX 77006

Featuring the work of Shannon Duncan, Brenda Edith Franco, Rosine Kouamen, Emily Peacock, & Moe Penders  
Hosted by Abhinav Kumar, IT Project Manager

Photo by Houston, TX based photographer, Moe Penders, courtesy of the artist. Up close shot of leaves from plant.s

Sustenance explores our relationship to the things we eat and their inextricable link to our personal and cultural identity.

For all living things, food is the first necessity. More than any other natural need, we have built the daily quest for sustenance into a vast array of experiences and feelings that are as diverse and limitless as the human race itself. Each culture contains unique ways to prepare and consume food. Of all the basic functions that are needed to survive, dining is the only action that is regularly practiced as an art form and a competition.

The artists in this exhibition touch on many of the roles played by food in our lives. For some, traditional dishes serve as a connection to their heritage or to satiate homesickness. Others recall lost love through particular eating habits. For each of our artists, food is a point of change between who they were and who they are— a comfort and a crutch on the path of growth.

Sustenance Appetizers

Thursday, January 24, 2019 / 6:30pm/ 1508 Ridgewood, Houston, TX 77006

Ticketed sneak peek of Sustenance featuring artist talks and light dishes with a cider pairing inspired by the exhibition. From local chef Dylan McShan and Houston Cider Company.

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