Sight Unscene

Installation photo of Sight Unscene. Room with projection on wall, overlaying a shelf with rectangular boxes wrapped in white paper. Under the shelf is a table for two, also wrapped in white paper with more rectangular shaped wrapped in white paper. Two more projections on opposite walls. Work by Lauren Lohman, Eric Thayer, and Sharon Turner.

This fourth exhibition, Sight Unscene, combines the work of three artists who manually disassemble images from pop culture, fine art, and immediate surroundings to fracture their narratives and reconstruct them for new purposes.

March 11, 2017

Curated by Jessi Bowman, FLATS Co-Founder and Curator

Hosted by Katy Manning, singer/songwriter/comedian/Wonder Woman

Featuring the work of:
Lauren Lohman
Eric Thayer
Sharon Turner